Make a Wish Come True

for Homeless Pets

People aren’t the only ones losing their homes in this waning economy. Pets are too. Money woes and the high rate of foreclsures are forcing some owners to give up or abandon their pets, which in turn is stretching the resources of local animal rescue groups.

As a result, the Ski Center, Lite 98, Fast Signs, Award Web Services, Head and Hands Salon and the Sycamore Square Merchants’ Association have teamed up for “Wish Upon a Paw.” Guests are invited to make a donation of money or pet supplies to help meet the critical needs of local animal rescue groups, including Richmond Hero, BARK, SOS Pen Pals, SomeBuddies, Richmond SPCA, Greyhound Pets of America Richmond Chapter, and the Powhatan Animal Shelter.

Needed supplies include pet food, cat litter, housebreaking pads, fleece blankets, towels, paper towels, beds, trash bags, bleach, laundry detergent with bleach, cat and dog toys, metal dog crates, cat carriers, igloo dog houses, office supplies and more.

For more information, visit, or contact Anne Stallard at the Ski Center at 804-794-8500 or e-mail

Donate pet food & pet supplies
to "Wish Upon a Paw"

Thank you to our sponsors: Sycamore Square Merchants Association, Ski Center, Lite 98, Award Web Services, Fast Signs and Head & Hands Salon

Top Wanted Items

  • Money
  • Clumping unscented 
    cat litter
  • Canned IAMS & Nutro kitten food
  • Adult canned cat food
  • Bleach; Laundry detergent (powdered w/ bleach additive)
  • Feline Advantage & Frontline flea treatment
  • Puppy pee pads for kittens, feral rescue & transports
  • Fleece baby blankets

Daily Needs

  • Cat beds
  • igloo doghouses
  • Paper towels & trash bags
  • Bleach & powdered laundry detergent

Kennel Supplies

  • Dry cat & kitten food
  • Cat beds
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Polar fleece blankets
  • Towels
  • Cat toys
  • Small & large metal dog crates
  • Ferret cage hammocks
  • Lock on crock bowls (in ferret section)
  • Cat carriers

Medical & Vet Supplies

  • KMR kitten milk replacement
  • Prescription cat food CD, AD, ID
  • Insulin syringes
  • Cotton balls & Q-tips
  • Kitten bottles and nipples

Office Supplies

  • Copier paper (white/color)
  • Computer ink (HP 95 & 98 black & color)
  • Stamps & Envelopes