I was chosen to be the voice for all of us pets who were left behind at Americana Trailer Park when our owners had to move away. We woke up one day to find ourselves living in the ruins of a deserted park with no food, water or anyone to love us anymore. Some of us were injured, some just heartbroken and terribly lonely and hungry.

I guess I was the most severely injured of all because my rescuers tell me that when they saw me the first day, immediate action was taken to help me. My tail was chopped half way off and most of what was left was raw skin and scabs. I was in extreme pain every day and I knew there was no hope for me so I used all of my prayers for my friend Hannah.

My friend Hannah doesn’t have any injuries, but she is giving up with a broken heart. Every day she sits in the middle of
the vacant lot where her trailer once stood and cries, wondering if anyone is ever going to come back for her. No one has come yet and the crying has gone on for such a long time. I could not even stay with her anymore because infection had set into my tail and so many flies were chasing and biting me that I had to constantly run around.

When my guardian angels came in, they scooped me up, put me in the car and off we went. They were taking me straight to the vet’s office. I didn’t know where I was going but I realized that the flies were no longer chasing me so I just laid there and went along for the ride. I heard them saying how much they were hoping I could be saved. The following day the vet called them with fantastic news. She said I was doing great! I could be picked up in another day or so. The vet told my rescuers that everyone in the office had fallen in love with me because I was so sweet. I guess they didn’t realize how much I loved all of them for what they had done for me. I could not even remember ever feeling so good and getting so much attention in my whole life.

After I was picked up from the vet, I was taken to a new home with my new mom. She tells me every day that I don’t need a tail to be a gorgeous little boy. She loves me and I love her. There is nothing else I could possibly ask for. I never thought I would ever have a life like this. My mom looks into my eyes and I think she sees the one and only thing I wish for and that is for her and the other rescuers to go back and get Hannah and all of my other friends. When we were left behind in the ravaged trailer park, all we had was each other.

My mom tells me that no one is going to be left behind but it just takes a little time. She said that as soon as each of my friends are taken out of there, they will go straight to the vet to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. After this is all done, each of them will have to have a temporary foster home or a permanent home to go because none of them will ever be returned to the deserted park again.

I think about Hannah every day. She is so pretty and so sad. I say prayers for her and hope she gets a second chance like me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.



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