Nutmeg   Nutmeg
Tabitha   Tabitha
Tanner-Sabastian  Tanner Sebastian
Maggie    Maggie
Tater Tater
Meow     Meow and Ringo      Ringo Uno   Uno


As I sat alone on my porch thinking of her, I still could not let her go.
I’ll always remember the day I brought her home eight wonderful years ago.

This cold little stray had captured my heart and then she was no longer here.
How could this illness take her from me? I always thought she would be near.

I felt bitter and angry that our happy lives had come to this heartbreaking end.
 I had struggled for days to find a way to say goodbye to my best friend.

A tired looking cat walked up out of nowhere and he had a sad story of his own,
He was trying to tell me he had no one to love him and he did not want to be alone.

I tried to explain to him how sad I was now and his timing was not very good.
He stayed anyway and sat down beside me as close as he possibly could.

I told him I could not even function right, so there is no way I can focus on you,
but he looked up at me with such love in his eyes and I swear I felt like he knew.

I thought it was strange that I had not seen any stray cats around there for many years,
Regardless of that, here was this cat, interrupting my sorrow and tears.

I suddenly felt that Elizabeth was there with this message of love for me;
Look at him mom, he’s hurting to, and he needs you, why is it that you can’t see?

 If you are blinded by a broken heart, there is something important I have to say
Don’t ever have second thoughts of taking me in just because I had to go away.

You gave me all the love I could ever need, a wonderful home, and more
The Gift of Love is the one thing that all strays are forever searching for.

If you close your heart to him, you know you are going the wrong way.
I know from the happy life you gave to me, that you could never turn away.

The timing might not be right for you, but for him it has to be now,
and there is no way you could ever tell me that you do not know how.

This lonely cat had managed to curl up in my lap, and suddenly I could see,
I had been given a purpose in my life and it was right there in front of me.

It couldn’t have been a better time for me to experience this unexpected joy,
My new friend “Tiger” is quite the Entertainer and he’s a very loveable boy.

I looked at him with open eyes this time and knew what I had to do,
I told him since he now had a name,  he needed a home and love to.

Years have passed now;  Tiger is still with me and has the company of eight.
For these “once strays” who are no longer strays, life is really great!

Tiger has a very special place in my heart and that will always be.
He came here when I felt so lost and I know you sent him to me.

So yes sweet Elizabeth, the message you sent to me definitely found its way,
I see a part of you in all of my adopted orphans every single day.

I try very hard to help your friends and do whatever I can do.
I love them all and after all, I never could say no to you….

*In loving memory of my best friend Elizabeth*
Valerie Reid