Hi, I'm Nutmeg and this is my story.

In July 2002 I found myself at the Richmond Animal Shelter. Sheila Morgan, (now president of Richmond HERO) took me in when nobody believed I would live very long. We went to the vet a lot, but the news was never good. Since I had been giving a dire prognosis with end-stage liver disease I’d have to have someone with a big heart like Sheila to care for me and find a way to make things better. Sheila didn't’t give up and although they said I would probably not see my first birthday I celebrated my fifth birthday on April 09, 2007! With regular medicine, strict diet, and lots of love I’m healthy and playful. I’m also in training to become a therapy dog and have been visiting people at the Virginia Home. Sheila says I make her happy too. She had lost her dear friend Cinnamon who she missed very much. Cinnamon had also been a rescue dog. Since I reminded her of Cinnamon, she named me Nutmeg. From the first day we found each other, we knew we were lucky to have each other as lifelong friends. We want everybody to get the chance to make new lifelong friends, so we’re celebrating my fifth birthday with the whole community at Colonial Harley Davidson on Temple Avenue, in Colonial Heights on Saturday, April 14th from 10:00 - 2:00. We want everybody to enjoy the same kind of special friendship that we have!

Your friend,

Click here for picures of Nutmeg's 8th. birthday.
April 10, 2010

Nutmeg was diagnosed with a liver disorder that is nearly always fatal as a young dog. We met Nutmeg in December of 2005, a thin 38 lb. Golden Retriever. A team of dedicated professionals and her determined owner, Sheila Morgan, had kept her going. We addressed her nutritional deficiencies with diet, supplements and acupuncture. Vitamin B12 injections were continued monthly into the acupuncture points. By May 2006 Nutmeg was full of energy and up to 45 pounds. Her story is an example of the body's amazing ability to heal if given help and proper nutrition. Nutmeg has a lot of love to give. She has repaid her owner's dedication many times over and can be an inspiration to other owners who have pets with serious illnesses.

Regina Schwabe DVM
Pamplin Animal Wellness Services
Pamplin, Virginia

When I first saw Nutmeg she was sway backed and had a very swollen belly. Her owner and caregiver Sheila ask if there was any herbs that may help her. I suggested that she continue with Nutmegs Vet suggestions and add Milk Thistle and a few other vitamins to support her diseased liver.

A few weeks later, to my great joy, Nutmeg came bounding in my shop and gave me her award winning smile. No more swollen belly and full of life.

That has been 3 years now and every time she comes into the shop for her herbs she continues to bring me great joy.
Nutmeg is a true example of what lots of love, nutritional support and faith can do. God provides medicine for his creations to live a happy and a life for of quality not just quantity. Nutmeg is true quality and happiness.

Donna Lewis, MH, CNHP, DNM
The Herb Closet
Richmond, Va.

Nutmeg, Kat Simons, and Santa
Nutmeg with Kat Simons (LITE98)
and Santa
December 20, 2008

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