Meow and Ringo


Last week, we had two adult boy cats at Petco in Chester, VA that we were trying to find homes for. One we called Meow because he talked and talked all the time. He was just a big sweet lovable cat that someone had left behind in a subdivision. A man in the subdivision realized what a gentle cat he was and made it a point to see that he was fed. A sad day came when this man had to move away and could not take Meow where he was moving to. He could not bare to think about this sweet cat being left behind with no one again. He called us asking if we could please help him. Meow had been at Petco for quite a while. He was passed over many times for adoption for the cute little kittens. People just did not realize what a precious cat he truly is.

The other cat that we named Ringo, was found roaming around a Burger King looking for food. The employees there were worried that he would get hit by a car so they called asking for help.
Ringo also had passed kitten hood. He is a gorgeous Tabby with such an outgoing personality, but not being a little kitten anymore, he also may have to wait a while for someone to adopt him.

Everyone was saying prayers asking for the right person to come along and adopt Meow because he had been waiting for someone to love him for so long. We could actually see the sadness starting to show in Meow’s face as he continued to wait for someone and watched as kittens were adopted. Then one day, in comes a couple, Kelly and Marc. They saw the story about Meow on Craig’s List and wanted to see him. By the time they left, they had adopted Meow and Ringo!

We want to share some of the pictures that they sent to us of Meow and Ringo enjoying their new lives.  These pictures brought tears of joy to our eyes. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Kelly and Marc. These wonderful people have completely turned the world around for these two less fortunate cats. Look at them now!



The kitties are doing great! The first couple days Meow was a bit nervous and meowed through the night. That has stopped now and he and Ringo appear to be getting along...not buddy buddy yet but every day they are playing more and more together. Today, I put out two tables near the biggest window that oversees our back yard and the bird feeders. They both jumped up and took a long nap side by side in the sun after watching the birds...very cute. They're spending more time close to each other and to us.

They are eating well and look forward to their wet food at night. Ringo seems to always want Meow's bowl, but, Meow would prefer his own.

Each night Meow enjoys hopping on our bed and sleeping at our feet. Last night Ringo joined in and for a brief time, we had two adorable kitties sleeping at the foot of our bed, just 2 feet from each other - well, until Ringo decided to play with our feet - then it became just Meow until morning. We've learned that Meow loves to play under the sheets.

They really enjoy playing. I have taken the two mouse toys they came with and attached strings to the mouse's tails. They both will play for a long time rolling and running around after the mice. I also put a cardboard box in the living room and cut out a hole in it for them to get inside. They seem to enjoy having a box to escape to when they feel unsure.

Thank you so much for helping us choose them. I think they are still a bit nervous at times but each day we see more and more progress and they seem more and more at home.

Kelly & Marc


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