Hi, I'm Maggie

I wanted to give an update on two of the kitties rescued from Americana Trailer Park last year.  I was one of the volunteers who helped feed the cats and find homes for them.   Right after our cat Queenie Belle died I began helping with the rescue effort.  Our first cat, Maggie was brought to stay with us because she had an upper respiratory infection and we were going to foster her until she was well enough to be adopted. We discovered that Maggie had a dental disease that made her lose most of her teeth and that she was an older cat- at least 5-8 years old. Knowing these things made us realize that no one would want her- but us and we did. She is the sweetest, most nonaggressive cat I have ever seen (except when she is fighting with her brother Sampson!) Teeth or no teeth she still tries to bite him!
Sampson came to us from Sheila Morgan of Richmond Hero. He was a beautiful white cat we would see at the front entrance of the park. Sheila took him home with her but realized that he needed a lot of attention and her other cats became jealous. She asked us to take care of him because we had only Maggie. 
The first night he stayed with us we kept them apart. The second day they met and Maggie reached up and smacked Sampson across the face. Now, you have to see that Maggie is about 9 pounds and Sampson is 15 pounds!  She still showed him who was boss! After that they have gotten along. 
I always wanted two cats that loved each other and I got my wish. They roll around the house wrestling all over the place, each having their own signature moves! When Sampson sits down to clean himself, Maggie walks over and puts her head under his chin and he cleans her head all over! It’s so cute to watch. They lay curled up together all the time.
They have been such a blessing to this house after we lost Queenie. Helping the animals was something I knew I had to do but it is amazing how much these little creatures have given back to me! They are loving, happy and quite content. I am so happy they were rescued and brought to us. Our lives are better because of them. 

I have included a few pictures of them with Sampson cleaning Maggie. Maggie looks so content in the pictures!  Enjoy! 



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