My name is Hannah.

If you read Sammie’s story in the write-up regarding the Americana abandoned pet tragedy, you should remember reading about his friend Hannah.

All of us at Richmond Hero are so happy to tell everyone that Hannah was adopted into a very loving home. The girls at Fur Fabulous Pet Grooming Salon read the story about her on our website and immediately called wanting to help her.

Nikki and Tomi (Fur Fabulous) are two of the most wonderful and caring individuals we have ever had the pleasure to meet. Hannah is living like a movie star now. She is such a pampered lap baby.

If you get a chance, please stop by and see her in her new home. Check out the pictures below of her enjoying her new pup tent. (One of many gifts that they have showered her with)

Fur Fabulous Pet Grooming Salon is located at Genito and Hull Street Road (11160 Hull Street Road) right down from Food Lion. What a nice salon! Their website is

Our heartfelt thanks go to Nikki and Tomi for giving Hannah such a wonderful new home. Thanks to them, she now has so much more than we ever thought possible. Nikki and Tomi are treating her like an only child. They are great!

Update November 26, 2008

While Hannah still loves her little tent, her new favorite place to hang out is on top of the desk in the office...preferably on top of one of our sweatshirts! She has also developed the adorable habit of running in front of us, sitting down and raising her left front paw. We've learned that this is Hannah-speak for "pick me up." (She really likes being carried around.) Anyway, we are absolutely in love with her and are so happy that she came into our lives.

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