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Richmond HERO's (Humane Education and Rescue Organization)
goal is to reduce the number of animals euthanized each year by
promoting and educating the public about spay and neuter.

We are making our "LINKS" section an information resource
site to help you quickly find animal care information.


Click here for more information.

Do you need barn cats?

Click here for informtion.

Click here to learn about the efforts to rectify the tragic situation at
Americana Trailer Park.

This project is complete. Our thanks to everyone that helped.

Another trailer park closing leaving abandoned cats.
Click here for information.

Wish Upon a Paw
Click here for more information.


Check out this spay/neuter video from YouTube!

Another spay/neuter video video from YouTube.

Wonderful Things Happen To Animal Lovers!

Will someone be caring for your beloved pets while you are away from home? If so click here for printable Pet Care Instructions.

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